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Welcome to Gaslings


New Discord server for our remaining community has been launched.
Feel free to join and then go HERE to connect your account and gain privileges.

These servers are permanently closing due to lack of interest:
  • Deathmatch 1
  • Casual 2
  • Retakes 1
More competitive servers may be opened in their place in future - Casual 1 may remain open for now but its fate is not yet determined.
Website Spam bot flood
We seem to have been flooded with spambots, likely from the old men sitting in their basements with dusty computers running copies of xrumer for years and years...

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
Not so small announcement that the phase-in of !ws and !knife may begin at some point this month, and if not then - definitely in the next few.

Expect more news soon.

Get hyped.
Hello wonderful people,
Recently, I have launched gaslings hosting for free Teamspeak 3 servers up to 1000 slots.
This service comes with the following features:
  • Full professional service
  • Minimal downtime
  • Complete online administration console
And to top it off, all under the Gaslings banner - run and administrated by yours truly.

Click here
Hi, I'm taking a temporary indefinite break from hands-on administration for (probably) two weeks from now.
This means that the following will not be attended to until then:
  • Steam messages
  • Admin applications
  • Support requests
  • Server bugs
What will be noted:
Thank you, apologies for any inconvenience caused - expect the current queue of admin applications to be dealt with upon my return.

If there is anything extremely urgent, I urge you to contact another member of GAS-CORE.
@CSGO Ban Management Officers
Our sourcebans installation has been updated to a new fork.
Donations will be coming soon, please be patient.
Token banned again, shouldn't have happened.
This may take a while to fix, hold tight friends.

Edit: We're back. Goodbye to !ws and !knife for now.
Sorting it ASAP, sorry everybody :(

Edit: We're back
Servers have been token banned again, and this will not be connectable until this issue is fixed. I'm working on it and expect to have it solved by later this evening, or at the very latest tomorrow afternoon GMT.

Thanks for your patience.
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